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Multiferroic Devices and Systems

Chung Ming Leung
Research Scientist, Virginia Tech, USA


Recently, simultaneous ferromagnetic (magnetostrictive) and ferroelectric (piezoelectric) orderings have been observed in single phase perovskite oxides as well as multi-phase composites. These materials are called multiferroics with a magnetoelectric (ME) effect. In detail, magnetoelectric coupling describes the influence of a magnetic (electric) field on the polarization (magnetization) of a material. This coupling is generally characterized by the ME coefficient/voltage. This talk will explain the fundamental concept of multiferroic materials, the development of different kinds of multiferroic materials, measurements and characterization techniques. Applications of multiferroic will be discussed that can be used in many electronic devices, such as magnetic/current sensors, filters, energy harvesters, random access memories, power converters, etc. At last, some remaining challenges and future perspectives of ME composites and their engineering applications will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Dr. Leung is a research scientist of Materials Science and Engineering Department at Virginia Tech with research interests in multiferroic materials, condition monitoring, energy harvesting and converter applications. He earned his B.Eng. and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining Virginia Tech, he served as a Postdoc Fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and at Stony Brook University. He has authored/co-authored nearly 60 peer-reviewed papers: most of them are in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Applied Physics Letter, etc. He is also a reviewer for many academic journals such as Journal of Materials Science, Journal of America Ceramic Society, IEEE, etc.

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